Trendy nail prints you must try this season!

Stunning accessories, beautiful clothes, designer clutch, splendid wedges, but a bad nail paint. You are definitely ruining your look. Yes, like everything else, your nails play an important role in enhancing the overall beauty of a girl. From precious metals and pastel prints, the market is flooded with trendy nail paints. The fresh take on colors and nail art can sway our mood from nudes and reds.

Nail art have been on trend for quite a while now. Short nails or perfectly manicured one, the nails should be perfectly colored in the trendy designs. Instead of adding a pop up color, you can add beautiful designs. Let us check out the latest designs:

Galaxy nail paint: galaxy prints are quite in trend. You can check in a girls wardrobe and see a wide range of clothes in galaxy print. They make a bold statement, that’s why it is a perfect design.

Geometric patterns: geometric patterns have been always over the fashion industry. They look dramatic and when it comes to nail, it gives a splendid look. Bright, intricate and bold lines and colors make the nails beautiful. Nail shop in Los Angeles is one of the best as you can find amazing range of nail art. The professionals provide amazing designs and you can always ask for the geometric patterns.

Animal Prints: animal prints are a classic style that always looks trendy. Despite of their bold print, they go amazingly with any outfit or occasion. Mix and match the design with gold, black, nude and other colors for a trendy touch.

Polka dots: Polka dots always look cute and can be easily applied on any size of nails. Pick any bold color, add it to your nails and then make polka dots from contrasting colors over it. You can try this design even at your home.

Ombre- ombre is another latest design, which you can see in trend. Different bold colors can be used to give a beautiful effect. For a classier effect, you can add metallic touch to the ombre finish. For the perfect touch, you can go to the best shopping mall Los Angeles and find a good nail art shop and take help of the experts for the best ombre effect. The style and the design can ensure that your nails look absolutely stunning. So, what are you waiting for, just hop into the mall and find amazing collection of nail art designs and styles. Moreover, you can try manicure, nail lotions and much more to ensure that your nails look quite impressive every time.

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